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The Brewery

Dalrannoch Brewing Company is a small microbrewery located in the idyllic village of Meikleour, Perthshire.

What we do

Using only natural ingredients, we look to recreate some iconic beers styles from around the the world with a Dalrannoch Brewing twist.

What we love

We love Craft Beer and the care and attention that goes in to making every batch.

What we believe in

Beer shouldn't be bland like we've come to expect over the years, we aim to make beer exciting packing in loads of aroma and flavour..

Red Skelp

Sit back and admire.. This red ale was created to be enjoyed and reminisce back to when beers used to taste this good. Red Skelp is brewed with a varietyof diffrent malts to give it a wonderful red hue, it is then hopped and dry hopped to give it some amazing aromas.

5.4% ABV

Manky Blonde

Here is our take on a modern pale ale, brewed with summer in mind. This session ale is brewded using the finest of malts. It packs in loads of aromatic hops which will send your senses into overdrive as the amazing burst of fruitiness hits you.

4.4% ABV

Blind Growler

Now! Don't underestimate this beer! Blind Growler IPA was handcrafted on our small brew kit using the finest of malts and new world hops to create a refreshing, crisp and clean beer with a burst of citrusy aromas which makes this beer perfect for any occasion

5.7% ABV

Stoatin Stout

The American Oatmeal Stout to set you up for the day. American Hops meets Scottish Oats for a healthy breakfast in a glass. Our stout is brewed to create a deep, dark, roasty meal, mashed with oats for a smooth, sweet taste and tropical aroma.

6.5% ABV


Limited edition

Brewed especially for our first birthday.... Our 1st Edition DIPA packs loads of blueberry and Tropical aromas from the tonnes of Columbus and Mosaic hops which has gone into making this beer amazing.

9% ABV

Keep in Touch

For more information. Give us a call or drop us a line.



The Old Dairy Unit 16, Meikleour, Perth
PH2 6FB, United Kingdom